My todays Sunny’s Tales

after wake up.. beyond window… grey rain… and the all in grey..ehh.. but when you put your hand on my head.. this was like touch of god… RA…  an explosion of light.. oh my Sun! ocean of ecstatic sunny light..  flow… and quick journey in time.. to past.. when you and me.. we are… i looked at you and you was so big.. me so small.. ahh.. really..  below… but never mind… how size..


sun-and-moon unity

♥ ƸӜƷ ♥

continum soon


Now.. over my head.. floating something what looked like golden sunny wreath … eucharist… or maybe rather.. wonderfull rosette… but with this crown on me i looked more like russian empress.. than egyptian… but… ehh.. never mind… this was our really ancient egyptian climax..



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