This page is dedicated my egyptian experiences..

Although, that i am polish (slavic) woman.. born in Poland.. i have very deep connection with Egypt..

literally from my earliest childhood.. from moment when I was 2 years old child.. and I had extra ordinary dream about DEEP WELL under my family polish home.. and Higher Priest…. This was the first dream in my life which I remembered!

When I dreamed this as child I had no idea about Egypt and the egyptian priests, and especially about the fact that also under the Great Pyramid in GIZAH exist a deep and mysterious deep well.. similiar to Deep Well under my home…

so i needed a little time to connect this all in one…..

actually i’am writing my egyptian story at:


now in polish language, but later also in english

earlier I wrote about my experiences on other blog:


in many notes.. one of the most important for me about

My Egyptian Dreams


more soon..



with love




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